9 Ways To Beat the Wordpress Learning Curve

I was recently in a conversation with someone who got really frustrated with WordPress and was ready to throw in the towel and try and find something else.


I'm looking for some feedback and I hope you can help. My friend Justin Lukasavige started a site called NeedATopic.com, I worked with Justin to build the site originally. He has since moved on to other projects, and I've  bought the site from him.

Standard Theme for Wordpress - Which License Do I Need?

Choosing a premium Wordpress theme isn't rocket science, but there are a lot of choices out there so it's important to know what you need when you're making your purchase.

Niche Site Challenge Update - My First Niche Site

I've been working on my sites for the niche site challenge and it's time to post an update on how things are going. I've learned a lot over the last couple months as I keep plugging away at my target.

Creating a Plan for Compelling Content - 30 Posts in 30 Days - Niche Site challenge

When you're starting your own website getting a content plan is crucial. I talk with clients about it when they're launching new sites all the time and this step cannot be overlooked or marginalized.

Five Fast Alternatives for Google Reader

Google, in their vast wisdom has decided to shut down Google Reader. I understood when they shut down Buzz, and Wave, but this one, I have to admit doesn't make a lot sense.

Why I've Switched My List Management to Workflowy

What's the biggest secret to being productive? Being organized. And being productive is a huge thing for me in my web design business. There are so many thinks that I need to keep track of, and so many things that have to get done, that not a day goes by without me referring to my task lists over and over.

Monday Morning Inspiration - Rick and Dick Hoyt

What is holding you back from becoming who you want to be and doing what you want to do? You'll see, if you take a few minutes this Monday morning to watch this video, that you're just letting excuses stand in the way.

Niche Site Challenge - Keyword Research for SEO 101

You want to attract tons of visitors to your niche website, right? Then finding the keywords associated with your topic is absolutely crucial to your success. This isn't easy stuff, but it's worth it. This is usually the step in building niche websites that people get hung up on, and it's for a good reason.

Niche Site Challenge - Researching Topics

So we're getting started with building your own website and the Niche Site Challenge is officially underway! It's time to dig in to getting started with some topic research.


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